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The #AlphaDad Podcast Episode #001 – How To Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

July 01, 2015 ● Posted in Expert Interviews, Family, Kettlebells, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Opinion, podcast, Stress Relief, Training

Geoff 32kg BUP

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Let’s be real, declining T levels in today’s men are reaching epidemic proportions.

Horrible food choices, a high stress environment and stupid workout methods are causing men today to lose their MANHOOD at an alarming pace.

Our bodies are NOT meant to be in high-stress/high-cortisol mode ALL WAKING HOURS OF THE DAY.  But with work, crappy eating habits, living beyond our means and the mentality that you need to push 110% for EVERY workout, men are becoming more and more feminized.

(YES, working out and putting 110% intensity EVERY SINGLE TIME is NOT good for your T levels.)

In Episode #001 of The #AlphaDadPodcast, I interview my coach, Geoff Neupert… a Strength Coach and author who specializes in high endocrine response training and programming.

In this episode…

  • Find out about why I sound like Marlon Brando in the Godfather and the offer that you can’t refuse
  • An update on my #100DayAlphaDadChallenge
  • Geoff Neupert talks about how to regain your strength and reclaim your body through Original Strength.
  • You’ll learn the minimalist way to train that will positively affect your hormone levels.
  • And you’ll learn the simple and ideal diet to reset your body and put you in a favourable hormonal environment (it’s SIMPLE, not “easy”).

Show Notes:

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